International Tourism Strategy Research Institute Inc.

We aim for the development of the local tourism economy with a global point of view

to make Japan a Tourism-oriented Country

Keiichi Kimura 

Chairman and CEO

International Tourism Strategy Research Institute Inc.

Kimura has been active as an international consultant and lobbyist based in Europe and Asia for many years. He is currently focusing on supporting the government's efforts to promote Japan as a “Tourism-oriented Country.”

Garson Lehrman Group, American research firm which boasts the largest expert network in the world, approved Kimura as its only council specialized in the casino business in Japan.

Japan's socio-economic environment is in a severe condition, facing various issues such as a rapidly shrinking and aging population, and a financial situation where the country's long-term debt is more than twice its GDP.

In this situation, effective use of its rich resources including personnel, technology, and tourism is the key to sustainable national development.

Moreover, the government efforts to transform Japan into a "tourism-oriented country", which contributes to the revitalization of regional economies, job creation, and the promotion of international mutual understanding, need to be stepped up as the core of Japan's national development in the 21st century.

Amid a rapid paradigm shift in the economy and society, we aim to build and strengthen Japan's competitiveness in the IR (Integrated Resort) and tourism industries in accordance with the concept of a tourism-oriented country and regional revitalization as promoted by the Japanese government.